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Trefriw Recreation Ground gets sovereign protection

30 August 2012

Trefriw Recreation Ground is now protected for all time as part of the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge, operated by Fields in Trust (FIT).  County Councillor Hilary Rogers Jones has unveiled a handsome bilingual plaque to commemorate the achievement.

‘In 1897 the land for the recreation ground was bought by a group of local businessmen who laid it out with tennis courts, a bowling green and a croquet lawn. Some people still living in the village can remember it like that.  Later on it was given to Trefriw Community Council, which still takes care of it.’ Cllr. Rogers Jones said……read more

Trefriw Old Recreation Ground and the New Recreation Field

7 March 2013

As many people will know, since the Conwy Valley Flood Alleviation Scheme was completed, Trefriw Recreation Field floods several times a year and having been compacted during the works, suffers from poor drainage. The “New Recreation Field”, which was supposed to restore Trefriw’s facilities, is equally badly drained. Trefriw Community Council has been in lengthy and difficult negotiations with Environment Agency Wales(EAW) to have the fields restored to a condition where they are fit for use as playing fields.

The council has recently received a final offer from Environment Agency Wales and wants your opinion on it. There will be an Extraordinary meeting of the Council at 7.00pm on 12th March 2013 in the Village Hall.  Please come and tell us what you think. You can see the Agenda for the meeting and some relevant figures  here.  The Minutes of the meeting can be read by following this link.