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       Skip Dates

This skip will be at

Bro Geirionydd 08/03/2018

Bro Gower 12/04/2018

Bro Geirionydd 10/05/2018

Nant BH Recycling Centre


Bro Gower 14/06/2018

Bro Geirionydd 12/07/2018

Bro Gower 22/08/2018

Bro Geirionydd 20/09/2018

Bro Gower 01/11/2018

Bro Geirionydd 06/12/2018

Bro Gower 03/01/2019

Bro Geirionydd 14/02/2019

Bro Gower 14/03/2019

The skips are for domestic users only

The skip is delivered between 8.30am and 9.00am traffic and weather permitting and removed when full so prompt attendance is suggested

Next Council Meeting

2nd October 2018

at 7.00pm Meeting of Council @ Trefriw Village Hall

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend this meeting except for any specific item labelled as  confidential.

Trefriw Recreation Ground

The Trefriw Improvement Company Ltd. bought the Recreation Field from the Earl of Ancaster in 1897 for the then substantial sum of £220.

The company had  leased the land since1887 and had

Trefriw Recreation Ground Gates

already laid it out with tennis courts, a croquet lawn and a bowling green.

In 1911, ownership passed to Geirionydd Rural District Council and then through Nant Conwy Rural District Council and Trefriw Parish Council to Trefriw Community Council, in whose care it remains.

The old iron gate now boasts a second commemorative plaque - a bilingual commemoration of the fact  that Trefriw Recreation Ground is now protected against development for all time. The field has been registered by the charitable organisation ‘Fields in Trust’ as a Queen Elizabeth II Field in honour of Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The name of the field will remain ‘Trefriw Recreation Ground’, as is recorded in the ironwork archway above the gate.

As well as protecting the field’s status as a recreation field, being registered will open up opportunities to apply for improvement grants that are only available to QEII fields. The Community Council is investigating ways of using this opportunity to improve the field for the benefit of all the residents of Trefriw and Llanrhychwyn. Unfortunately, the delays in getting the field into good condition after the flood works is holding up progress at the moment.